Techical Service

A role of Technical Service Laboratory

We launched Technical Service Center in July 2014 to make a prompt response to customers' requirements in ASEAN and neighboring countries.

Research & Development

We offer service in developing new products according to customers' need, with high-quality chemicals by Japanese standard and at reasonable price.

At present, our main products are dispersant for inorganic particle, many types of surfactant, polyurethane resin for ink, and polyol raw material for car seats. As we have only hundred kinds of products while our parent company SANYO, Japan has more than 3,000, we are aiming to increase the kinds of products and spread our products throughout ASEAN countries.

Function :

Technical service for customers (Improvements, Analysis, Support to customer's requirement)

Analysis instruments in our technical center

● UV
● Particle Size Analyzer
● Particle Counter
● Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
● Contact angle meter (surface tension)
● Refractive Index
● Etc.